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Precautions for the use of PE water supply pipes: 
PE to the water pipe because it will not rust, so, is an alternative to ordinary iron water supply pipe ideal pipe.
Here are a few things to consider when using it:
1, Melt: Hot melt connection, the temperature must be to 210±10℃, should be careful to avoid excessive burning.
2, buried: When working in the pipe trench, must consider the necessary safety measures.
3, testing: It is recommended to use water as a pressure test medium, in the test, should take measures to prevent pipe movement or damage.
4, positioning: Polyethylene material can not be controlled by magnetic positioning equipment, can be used other methods to detect polyethylene pipeline, including tracer line, marking belt, detection belt, drawing line marking, electronic marking system and voice control pipeline tracer method for detection.
5, air pressure: HDPE pipeline can not be used in the field of high-pressure gas transport.
6, the scope of application: Some occasions do not recommend the use of HDPE pipe, please consult the supplier of its chemical corrosion resistance.
7, Static electricity: HDPE pipe mixed with high static electricity, in flammable and explosive gas occasions, should take the corresponding measures to eliminate static electricity.
8, Impact Performance: HDPE pipe anti-punching good, with a hammer to beat the pipe, should pay attention to the pipeline will produce a certain amount of resilience.
9, Coil: Coil of small-caliber HDPE pipe like a spring storage of energy, if cut the packaging belt, will produce a larger resilience.
10, storage: If the pipe must be stacked storage, then should avoid excessive accumulation, and should be stacked directly, if the pipe is not stacked properly, the pipe may be deformed.
11. Weight: Although HDPE piping is lighter than other traditional tubes, it still has a certain weight, so care should be taken in handling and construction. 12, unloading: must use the correct unloading facilities, should check whether all the tools used for handling meet the requirements.

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