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Creativity, process, implementation indispensable
Since its inception, our business direction has remained unchanged, focus on doing a good thing to better pursue high quality, which is the value of our products exist. In the future, we also continue to create based on t...
In the continuous innovation and practice, persist in thinking with users, identify problems, solve problems, export engineering solutions, and achieve customer product and enterprise value improvement....
We have accumulated a large number of excellent project cases over the past 20 years and verified the value of our products. In the continuous exploration experience, results-oriented, continue to provide more customers w...

Our team

We are the pursuit of quality and strive to constantly surpass their own team, each member is also an intimate partner, with the company growth and development. We respect the opportunities and challenges of each cooperation, and strive to be perfect ...

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  • E-Mail:sdamazon@sdamazon.com
  • Tel:0086-539-3123111
  • Website:www.sdamazon.com
  • Add:Economic Development Zone, Linyi, Shandong, China
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  • Email:sdamazon@sdamazon.com
  • Tel:0086-539-3123111
  • Add:Economic Development Zone, Linyi, Shandong, China


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